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Looking for Freight Forwarder Companies in Brooklyn? Look no further.

Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding have been hauling freight for Brooklyn citizen for more than 15 years. We’re one of few trucking companies in greater Brooklyn are that continues to grow year after. And it’s no secret why.  We get your valuable cargo to its destination on time.

Full Truck Loads, Multiple Truck Loads, or Less-Than-Truck-Loads (LTLs) it doesn’t matter. We will find you the best rates wherever your precious freight needs to get to.

We ship to all 48 contiguous states as well as Canada and Mexico, with departures from Brooklyn leaving 7 days a week.

Want to track your shipment in real time while it’s en route?

No Problem. You will be able to view progress online.

This is just one little touch we provide to our customers.

We are continually challenging ourselves to deliver more value to you, our customer, so you never think about sending freight using any of our competition when sending from Brooklyn or Northern New Jersey.

Just in case you have not shipped loads large enough to require shipping by truck before, you might be asking…

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Cornelison Mcgarity
Cornelison McGarity
I have been making transactions with New York Shipping & Freight Forwarding for 6 years to haul all my USA shipment. They always show professionalism in what they do, and will go the extra mile to make sure that the items get to the customer safely. With that, I often receive good feedbacks from customers of how well the delivery went and the efficiency of the drivers. The trucks are always clean and prepared . This save valuable time not only for my company but as well as to others. Great job!
Merlinda Balmas
Merlinda Balmas
I shipped a less-than-load freight from New York to Nevada last week. You were great to work with. Best rates I found. Really professional people. The truck and my freight arrived on time.
Summer Anderson
Summer Anderson
A trusted freight carrier company for sure. Professional drivers. Affordable quotes for LTL and FTL options. The fact that they provided expedited shipping to Canada and Mexico is an added bonus.
David Sprague
David Sprague
I had been using the same trucking company for the past 10 years but for various reasons was getting fed up with them. Glad I found you guys. I fully trust you with my weekly full-truck-loads to Canada and Illinois. Great service. Plus my shipments have all arrived on time.
Jasmine Dhaliwal
Jasmine Dhaliwal
I called them for freight carrier rates and they gave me an LTL quote within the hour. I had been calling other trucking companies in Manhattan, but these guys gave me the best price. I needed expedited shipping as well and their services matched my budget!

What Exactly is Truck Freight?

Truck freight, sometimes just called Truck Shipping, is the movement of large items on land using freight trucks. That part is obvious, we know.

But typically there are three options for freight truck transport. These are categorized as less than truckload (LTL), partial truckload (PTL), and full truckload (FTL). 

The distinction between a full truckload, a partial truckload, and a less than truckload is significant. A customer should be aware of the distinctions between all of these because it will benefit the customer. The truckload shipment services provide a variety of services from which the customer can benefit.

Aside from all of the other factors, such as freight type and carriers, shipping methods must also be considered. Let us go over each of these three methods one by one.

Full Truck Load (FLT)

Full truckload shipping is a freighting method in which a single truck is loaded with a single company’s shipment. It is not only the most expensive type of shipping, but it is also the most efficient.

The reason for this is that the transit time is shorter, and the shipment is not unloaded before arriving at its destination because there are no other unloading stops. This shipping method is typically used by established businesses that require a large amount of shipping.

They typically use TL if they are shipping 20,000 pounds or more and are willing to pay the extra cost for faster delivery.

Partial Truck Load (PTL)

Partial truckload shipping is an entirely different type of freight, a cross between LTL and TL. It is only considered an option if a shipper requires a truck weighing between 8,000 and 27,000 pounds, or between 5 and 22 pallets.

Because of this very specific requirement, it is not a common type of shipping. However, PTL is usually a straight shot, which means that the same truck that picks up a shipment is the same truck that delivers it.

This means that with PTL shipping, the cargo is less likely to be damaged. Furthermore, because there is only one truck and no connections, the transit time is typically shorter.

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Less than truckload shipping is a type of freighting that fills a truck with multiple shipments and is geared toward small to medium-sized businesses. The weight of a shipment is typically between 0 and 10,000 pounds, and LTL is hesitant to accept cargo with a high dimensional weight (when the package is voluminous but the contents themselves on the lighter side).

Carriers can save shippers money by filling a truck with different shipments all heading to the same destination and offering a lower price. The downside is that because of all the stops, onboarding, and unloading, the contents are more prone to damage because they pass through multiple hands.

Then there are the multiple stops, which are a time drain and tend to increase the total transit time. Nonetheless, LTL shipping is frequently used by small and medium-sized businesses because it is cost-effective, flexible, and provided by the majority of freight carriers.



Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding can readily offer all three truck freight options. And we also specialize in matching the type of truck that will be suitable for your load.

Organizing truck freight can be a daunting task and almost always requires navigating some difficult logistical challenges.

But you need not worry, we take all the worry off your hands.

Let Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding simplify the process by handling all your truck freight and shipping needs.

For us, there is no load to large and if you can’t drop your shipment off at a local UPS store, then you can be sure that we can move it for you. We offer various truck freight services to businesses and individuals of all categories and sizes.

Call us at 347-305-0680 for your FREE QUOTE! We would love to discuss with you the different offers we have for your truck freight and shipping needs.

Benefits of Truck Load Freight Shipping


    A truckload is unquestionably the most cost-effective method of transporting freight from point A to point B on short to medium-distance lanes.


    The ability of a truck to pick up and deliver to virtually any land-based location is by far its most valuable feature, which is unrivaled by any other freight mode. This claim may change in the future with the widespread adoption of drones, but it’s difficult to believe a drone can handle 53′ capacity and up to 45,000 pounds.


    The majority of trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices, providing shippers with real-time visibility into their freight at all times.

    Lots of Providers

    According to the graphic at the top of this article, the truckload market is made up of 700,000 for-hire truckload providers, who account for 46.4 percent of total for-hire freight spend in the United States.

    Having said that, truckload shippers have a plethora of service providers to help them move their freight locally, regionally, or across the country.

    Multiple Service Options

    Truckload has many different services offering to move freight:

    • Dry Van
    • Flat Bed
    • Tankers
    • Single Driver
    • Team Drivers

    Experienced Operations Team

    Trucks have been bumping loading docks for decades, so shippers are most familiar with the equipment required to load to minimize shifting and damage.

    Logistics teams also do not require charts and graphics to calculate the average transit time of a freight lane. They understand that the hours of transit can be calculated by taking the total miles and dividing by 50 miles.

    Truck Shipment Inforgraphic

    ​​”A really professional outfit. 24/7 freight tracking is great. Everything got to the destination on time”


    – Harry,  Shipment originating from New York City

    Different Shipping Transportation

    TRUCK FREIGHT SHIPPING BY Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding

    With more than a decade of being in business, we are undoubtedly one of the most respected Brooklyn Trucking Companies and NJ trucking companies. With the drive to give our clients the best service, there is, we only use the pioneering all-in-one transportation management and logistics management system for all our transactions.

    Form document generation, shipping rates, and shipment tracking entrust all your freight shipping needs to Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding. We will make sure that your shipping documents and processes are well kept and secure.

    Our hardworking team will make sure we deliver a shipment experience that not only gets your packages to where they need to be, but the entire process is convenient and you get the best truck shipping rates.

    You will be always updated on the status and location of your shipped cargo.

    Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding have also partnered with the best freight carriers to provide you with competitive market rates and a wide option of various transport services throughout Canada, and Mexico.

    If you are interested, we can also discuss with you a unique customized plan for your individual needs. We can adhere to your choices call us at 347-418-0753 and let’s talk about your preferences.

    Get your FREE (NO OBLIGATION) Truck Shipment quote!

    Truckload prices or LTL prices can vary significantly from one shipment company to another. As a longstanding Brooklyn Freight Broker we have connections with all trucking companies, meaning we can find you the very best rate. 

    ​To provide you with the most accurate freight, shipping, or full truckload quotes, it helps if you provide us with the following information.

    Freight Forwarder Team

    Here is the list of the vital information that we need to serve you better:

    • The exact origin address: is it a limited-access place? Is it a commercial, industrial, or residential area? Are there loading docks or lift gates present? Should you let us know about any significant landmarks near the address for faster identification?
    • Packaging type: are the items for delivery securely packed inside a box, barrel, or create? Is it properly placed in a pallet? The style and method of packaging should also be properly indicated.

    • Size and Weight: What are the total dimensions of the items for delivery? Is the packaging included in the computation? How about the total weight? The item’s size and weight are of critical importance.


    • Destination Address: does the consignor require a call before delivery of the items? Is it a commercial, industrial, or residential area? Is it a limited access place? Are there loading docks or lift gates present? This also includes the landmarks near the address for faster identification. 
    • Freight Class: the commodity and density of the items for shipment determine its freight class. If you do not have any idea about your shipments freight class do not worry, our freight experts at Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding will review your details and ensure its correctness.

    When you have finished inputting all the details necessary, you can now easily get a quote from us. Just complete one of the forms on this page.

    You can also get a quote over the phone by calling 347-305-0680.

    Let us also discuss the different ways we can be of help in your freight and shipping needs as one of Brooklyn’s trusted freight companies.

    Truck On A Highway By The Mountains


      By having an extensive and consistent network that includes numerous carriers, we have access to a wide range of equipment types. Such types are enclosed trailers, rail freight, flatbeds, Removable Goosenecks (RGN), step decks, double drop trailers, and reefer trailers

      Below are the brief descriptions of the following. Take a look at these choices and you can pick a truckload equipment that suits your individual needs: 


      • Flatbed: suitable for transporting large construction and manufacturing materials and articles. Picking the flatbed carried often gives the best solution in transporting these types of items due to its flat, open -bed trailer. 
      • Dry Van: this truckload equipment is best matched with transporting regular packaged freight that has no specific requirements or special instructions attached to it. 
      • Step Deck: loads that need to be closer to the ground to fit in with forklift loading and unloading will surely benefit when transported in a Step Deck truck or van. 
      • Refrigerated: when you have items that are frozen or temperature-sensitive that needs to be shipped,Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding will help in arranging a refrigerated transport for you. 
      • Removable Gooseneck (RGN): an RGN, is a trailer that has a very low deck that can be utilized for hauling freight.

      We would love to discuss with you the different truckload equipment we have available or feel free to call us Call us at 347-305-0680 to avail of your FREE QUOTE!


      Brooklyn Freight Forwarding understand your shipping and delivery needs. There is no parcel too small or cargo too large, when you want something delivered, we got you covered.

      Backed by years of experience in shipping service and a professional and knowledgeable team, we guarantee that your packages are in good hands. We offer different delivery and forwarding services for your specific needs.

      When we deliver, you will be informed every step of the way until your package has been delivered to its recipient. We make tracking your item easy and stress-free for you.

      Brooklyn Shipping & Freight Forwarding services include the following:

        Real-Time Updates

        You will be able to track the whole journey of your items. From shipping to receiving, Brooklyn Shipping and Freight Forwarding’s advance systems will ensure that you are always updated on the status of your shipment.

        Transparent Pricing

        You will never be blindsided again when it comes to your shipments billing and charges. Our team at Brooklyn Shipping and Freight Forwarding will provide an itemized breakdown of all rates and charges that accompany your transaction. 

        A professional and knowledgeable team

        Brooklyn Shipping and Freight Forwarding have only the best and well-trained personnel serving your shipping and freight needs.

        We can arrange your domestic and international rates and match your load with the right track as well. Our hardworking and experienced team of freight shipping experts will make sure that all your concerns are covered from A to Z.

        Competitive Rates

        We offer highly competitive rates for all of our services. You will surely get value from what we offer for your commercial freight truck transport and shipping needs.

        Call us at 347-305-0680 to avail of your FREE QUOTE! We will share with you more benefits that you can get by availing our services.  


          Less-Than-Truckload Shipping or commonly known as LTL Shipping is a dependable and cost-efficient way of transporting freight.

          Different from the full truckload shipments, the shipper will only pay for the space that their cargo uses, rather than the whole load area.

          LTL Shipping generally…

          • Is utilized for any cargo that weighs anywhere at the range of 150 pounds above

          • Is crated and put on a pallet to avoid risks of damage

          • Is used for items that are larger than a parcel but smaller than a truckload

          • Is a fraction of the cost of a full truckload shipment

          • Is the most popular method of shipping freight as of present

          Why Pick LTL Shipping?

          LTL shipping enables you to save a ton of money.

          When you do not need a full truckload but still need to ship your large and bulky items, going for LTL shipping can save you those extra Dollars.

          Upon having years of experience and vital connections in this industry, Brooklyn Shipping and Freight Forwarding have already built relationships with various top freight and distribution companies. This relationship grants us lesser Brooklyn LTL pricing than our competitors.

          For questions and other concerns regarding our LTL Shipping services.

          Call us at 347-305-0680 to avail of your FREE QUOTE! We would love to talk to you about our offers and services. 



          The Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)

          This type of shipping method best suits you if your cargo has more than 5,000 to 10,000 pounds in weight, depending on the type of commodity that is being shipped.

          Brooklyn Shipping and Freight Forwarding truckload shipping service is also best suited for cargo that is unpackaged and/or may require refrigeration, and climate control. This also holds for items for shipping that are oversized or overweight that need special accommodations or flatbeds.

          Though priced fairly higher compared with LTL shipping, Truckload shipping can be so much faster than LTL because it requires no more truck transfers or re-loading and unloading of your cargo.

          Full Truckload Shipping also lessens the risk of damages that can be caused in handling your cargo. This is because your shipment will only be handled once.

          Tackling Partial Truckload Shipping (PTL)

          This type of shipping is a mixture of the Full Truckload (FTL) and the Less Than truckload (LTL) methods in shipping. PTL can compete with LTL rates while having FTL delivery times.

          Partial Truckload (PTL) shipping method can handle shipments of between 6 to 18 pallets. Meanwhile, weight restrictions on PTL shipments range from 8,000 to 27,000 pounds.

          Some of the benefits that Partial Truckload Shipping offers are the following:

          • fewer stops and less handling
          • PTL does not need freight and class classifications
          • PTL offers potentially lower prices for items that take up a lot of cargo area but does not carry much weight.

          For more details on our other shipping services.
          Call us at 347-305-0680 to avail of your FREE QUOTE! Our friendly representatives are waiting to answer your questions.

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